Frustrated by a lack of progress at the gym? According to science, the answer to your fitness plateau may not involve exercise at all, but diet.

Per new research from Skidmore College, experts suggest giving the PRISE method a go. The “RISE” in PRISE stands for essential elements of maintaining a good fitness routine: resistance exercise, interval sprints, stretching, and endurance exercise. Meanwhile, the “P” represents what may be missing from your current regimen: protein-pacing. In other words, chowing down on protein regularly throughout the day. And by regularly, we mean doubling up and some.

While The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for the average woman is 46 grams of protein a day. Protein-pacing requires consuming as many as 120 grams in a day, Health magazine said.

In two recent studies, exercise scientist Paul Arciero and his team tracked a total of 50 physically fit men and women between the ages of 30 and 65 for 12 weeks. While each participant followed the same RISE exercise routine and consumed the same number of calories per day, only half took part in protein-pacing.

After the trial, researchers found that while each participant showed improvement in their fitness regimen, those who also followed protein-pacer guidelines had greater gains.

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