Raleigh, N.C. — Central North Carolina will be muggy and stormy again Saturday after strong thunderstorms blew through region Friday evening.

Bands of showers and thunderstorms moved through Friday afternoon and later in the evening, bringing down some trees and causing flooding. Rain gauges at Raleigh-Durham International Airport registered more than 2 inches of rain.

Saturday will bring more storms through the area, though they won’t be as strong as Friday’s.

“We’re unlikely to see severe weather,” said WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss. “We could see a couple of storms with gusty winds, and a couple of storms, because of all the moisture in the air, that could produce localized heavy downpours.”

7-Day Forecast

Most of North Carolina saw sparse storm coverage early on Saturday. But Moss said the cells will begin to ramp up in the afternoon.

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“As we get into the afternoon, though, by 12:30 (or) 1:30, something like that, a few more cells starting to pepper the area,” Moss said. “Those will increase a little bit more through mid- and late-afternoon, before diminishing some as we head through the afternoon and overnight hours.”

Father’s Day will bring a mix of sun and clouds, but will remain humid.

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