DURHAM (WTVD) — Jailbreak! Three of the four red wolf pups at Durham’s Museum of Life and Science escaped from their pen Monday afternoon.

Officials said the pups are outside of their habitat enclosure; however, they’re still within the museum’s perimeter fence.

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The staff believes the seven-week-old pups escaped through a small space in the enclosure gate or through an opening in the fence.

The gate and the fence will be reinforced.

The museum’s animal care team is working to reunite the pups with their parents who are still contained.

“We have high confidence that the puppies will continue to remain on the Museum’s main campus and every effort is being made to reunite the pups as quickly, and safely, as possible with their parents,” said Leslie Pepple, Museum of Life and Science’s Communications Manager. “Our animal care staff trains for just these sorts of circumstances, and we are doing all we can to minimize risks for these young pups during their time outside the safety of their enclosure.”

Staff offered extra food and water where the pups were spotted and placed humane traps on site.

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