Fayetteville, N.C. — A Cumberland County Animal Control officer is recovering after an attack by a 100-pound dog over the weekend.

A concerned neighbor called for help after noticing the Cane Corso tethered outside a home on Beta Street Sunday afternoon, as temperatures reached into the 90s.

Animal Control Officer Victoria Herring helped the dog’s owner, Tanya Broughton, to untie the dog, but it got free and attacked.

“The dog attacked her and then stumbled as it was trying to come back for another attack. She was able to back up and actually brace herself against for the second and third attacks,” said county animal control director Dr. John Lauby.

Broughton said her 16-month-old dog didn’t have a history of being aggressive, but Lauby said they are a breed that requires obedience training.

“Cane Corsos are not overly friendly,” Lauby said. “They’re family-oriented, protective guard dogs, and when you get a dog like that you have to be a responsible dog owner. You need to train them where you can have them under control when they’re on leashes.”

Lauby said Broughton’s dog was taken to animal control where the aggressive behavior continued, and the dog had to be euthanized.

Herring, who was bitten multiple times in the leg and lower body, was treated at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Sunday night and by Monday was recovering at home.

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