The mystery is no more. 4:44 is in fact the title of Jay Z’s next studio album.

In the time since the mysterious 4:44 ads started popping up both online and offline, social media sleuths were hard at work attempting to uncover the meaning behind the numbers.

The official reveal finally came Sunday (June 18) via an ad from the Jay Z-owned TIDAL. The ad reads: “Experience JAY Z’s ‘4:44’ on 6/30, exclusively on…JAY-Z’s 13th studio album ‘4:44′”

Sprint also shared a clip that gave us the first taste of the lyrics on the album from a song called “Adnis.”

“Letter to my dad that I never wrote/ Speeches I prepared that I never spoke/ Words on a paper that I never read/ Proses never penned they stayed in my head,” Jay utters over the beat.

.@S_C_ ‘4:44’

— Sprint (@sprint) June 19, 2017

The release of 4:44 will serve as one aspect of a partnership between TIDAL and Sprint, with Sprint customers being granted exclusive access to the album.

“Today is an exciting day to be a Sprint customer,” Sprint president and CEO, Marcelo Claure said in a statement. “JAY-Z is a global icon and

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