(Photo credit: DevonandMeagan Instagram)

If you were to ask Hollywood couple, actress Meagan Good and Hollywood producer and minister, Devon Franklin, what it feels like to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, I’m sure they would say it feels like only yesterday they met.

Good and Franklin met on the set of their joint movie venture “Jumping the Broom” and later jumped the broom themselves after Franklin proposed. But it was after that proposal that the two made even bigger headlines, because they announced that they were waiting until marriage to have sex.

Say what? Yes, two grown, attractive adults were setting aside their sexual desires for 13 months until their wedding night. They even shared their tips for others to do the same in the book called, The Wait.

“It’s been a journey.. I’ve been all about Him.. and then I’ve been rebellious,” Good revealed on Instagram about the process that it took for her to get married. “I’ve been obedient and seeking him ..and I’ve been hard-headed and tried to do it my way.. but it all had to happen this way in order for me to get to where I am now.”

“(It’s) always much to be learned upon the journey.

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