Raleigh, N.C. — According to WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner, thunderstorms and rain will develop late Monday following an otherwise sunny, hot day.

The weather on Monday will mimic that of Sunday, which brought sweltering heat and some serious evening storms to parts of the viewing area.

It will be hot and humid again, with temperatures starting out in the mid-70s at 7 a.m. and reaching a high around 90 degrees by Monday afternoon.

“Temperatures are jumping quickly,” said Gardner. “Our heat index this afternoon will be in the upper 90s, and a dew point around 74 degrees will make it feel very muggy.” A slight chance for storms and rain lingers all day, but that chance drastically rises after lunchtime.

Heat Index, DMA

“There’s a slight chance of an early shower, otherwise we’ll be partly sunny, breezy and hot,” said Gardner. “Scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely to develop during the afternoon and especially evening. Some storms could produce localized strong, damaging winds, and, even in the absence of storms, winds may occasionally gust to between 50 to 60 mph.”

Parts of central North Carolina are at a “Level 2” storm risk, which indicates a possibility of heavy rain, strong winds and frequent lightning.

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