Raleigh, N.C. — The President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales Cabrera visited Raleigh Sunday for the grand opening of the Guatemalan Consulate General in Raleigh.

The event drew a crowd, as it marked a significant day for the Guatemalan population in North Carolina.

More than 100,000 Guatemalans register an address in North and South Carolina, so the new operation offers convenience for thousands.

President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, in Raleigh today for consulate inauguration. #wralpic.twitter.com/yXm7m49Qiq

— Candace Sweat (@WRALCandace) June 19, 2017

Until now, the closest consulates were located in Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

Significance? Guatemalan consul tells me more than 100,000 Guatemalans on record have an address in The Carolinas. #wral

— Candace Sweat (@WRALCandace) June 19, 2017

Ambassador Carlos Morales said the goal of Consulate General is to reach and meet the needs of Guatemalans in as many communities as possible.

“Right now there are 19 consulates in the United States. The Guatemalan population in this country is very large, with more than 2 million people,” he said.

A representative from Mayor Nancy McFarland was at the event and declared Sunday as “Guatemalan Day” in Raleigh.

“We want to create a link, more links with the United States, and in this case, with the state of North Carolina,” Carlos Morales said.

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