Three of the four red wolf pups, who turned seven weeks old on Friday, are outside their habitat enclosure at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, closing down much of the museum’s outdoor campus.

According to a press release, the pups remain on the museum’s main campus and within the museum’s perimeter fence. Their parents – the museum’s two adult red wolves – remain in their enclosure, along with a fourth pup. The museum’s animal care team is working to return the pups to their enclosure, the release said.

“Animal care staff continue to search the area around the wolf exhibit in the museum’s outdoor campus and reported sightings of the puppies several times throughout the afternoon,” the press release said. “Staff even observed the adult red wolves feeding the pups through the enclosure fence.”

Museum staffers have set out extra food and water where the pups have been spotted and humane traps specially designed for live capture. If the pups are spotted by guests during their on-campus visit, museum officials ask the public to not approach the pups but to contact a museum staff member and report the time and location, according to the release. The pups do not pose any danger to the public.

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