Nora Bulluck is officially known as the seamstress for the annual Miss North Carolina pageant, but 26 years of service have taught her that the work goes far beyond sewing. Backstage, Nora is ready to fix broken shoes and busted zippers, but also offer kindness and support to the young women competing.

“I say I like to dry tears and repair tears,” Nora said.

She recounted one instance when a reigning Miss North Carolina accidentally ironed a hole into her white skirt just hours before the show began. Nora ran to the store for some white satin and performed her sewing magic, repairing the skirt in time for the stage.
That’s just one of many memories Nora has made during her time with the pageant.

Spools of thread fill Nora’s workshop.

“One year, I came in and had to reupholster five couches in two days,” Nora laughed. “And I was literally onstage, somebody with a flashlight behind me, and I was making the last few stitches while they were singing the National Anthem before the curtain went up!”

Another way she tries to help the contestants smile is with her flamingo rehearsals.

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