Warning signs were up at Emerald Isle again over the weekend, meaning the rip currents are so dangerous, swimmers should are asked to stay out of the water.

Rip currents are proving to be deadly this summer, with at least four deaths this month at Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach.

Emerald Isle police have successfilly helped more than 80 people to get out of the water because of rip currents since June 9.

A 21-year-old man died atVidantMedical Center in Greenville after being caught in a rip tide Sunday morning, according to Atlantic Beach officials.

21-year-old caught in Atlantic Beach rip tide dies

Last weekend, a 17-year-old from Wayne County died after going missing while swimming at Emerald Isle.

A 16-year-old involved in that incident was brought to shore by a surfer and died Monday morning

Man drowns trying to save teens from Atlantic Beach rip current

A 56-year-old man died Saturday after entering the water to help two teenage girls who were caught in a rip current.

Body of missing Wayne County teen found off Emerald Isle, Coast Guard says

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