RAEFORD, North Carolina (WTVD) — Hoke County officials announced Monday night that an internal payroll overtime review found irregularities in the sheriff’s department.

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The review was supported by Cherry Bekaert, LLP, and The Charleston Group.

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Cherry Bekaert’s conclusion is that 29 jailers and five Sheriff’s deputies identified in its report should be “thoroughly scrutinized by the SBI to determine if their highly irregular overtime was substantially justified and appropriately authorized.”

The report’s conclusions confirm the initial results presented to the County on May 15. The only overtime Cherry Bekaert found to be highly irregular in its work were these employees in the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center.

Cherry Bekaert found that these employees in the Sheriff’s operations had several instances of the same types of overtime irregularities as Dedrick Graham, the deputy that Sheriff Hubert Peterkin dismissed on February 21.

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Cherry Bekaert found that the total dollar amount of this potentially improper overtime grew substantially over the years it examined, especially between FY2012 and FY2014.

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