KERRVILLE, Texas — It was a story that stunned the nation, a trial that captured headlines, an overturned conviction and second trial that changed the dialogue of mental health.

“Mental illness as a whole is scary for people because it’s hard to see from the outside,” said Dr. Matthew Faubion of Kerrville State Hospital.

Far away from the limelight, on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, is a place Andrea Yates has called home for more than a decade.

“She’s where she needs to be,” said attorney George Parnham.

WHAT HAPPENED: Timeline of Andrea Yates’ life, and murders of her children

There are no guards with firearms, no razor wire fences. The patients at Kerrville State Hospital are here not because they want to be but because the court sent them here for treatment.

“There are 202 people in this facility with 202 different sets of needs,” said Dr. Faubion. And while as a clinical director he can’t tell you one of them is Andrea Yates for confidentiality reasons, her attorney George Parnham will.
Like many patients here, Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity, a defense raised in only about one percent of felony cases and successful in only about one-fourth of them.

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