DURHAM, North Carolina (WTVD) — Courtney Bailey is a music teacher but she was laid off in April. She said she has gotten some work over the past few months but June has been really touch

“This week, was the first week where it was like, I have no money and I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” said Bailey.

On Tuesday, Bailey said she had just wrapped up a job interview and was on her way to donate plasma for money.

She admits, she was in a hurry.

Officer D.P. Strandh was on traffic patrol on Roxboro Street that day and pulled her over for speeding.

Bailey said she knew she faced a ticket for speeding, but she also wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and her registration was expired.

To her surprise, instead of dishing out tickets, he offered to take her to get a state inspection for her car so she could get her car registration up to date.

Bailey told him she didn’t have any money to pay for that, but he insisted.

Not only did Officer Strandh foot the bill for the $40 inspection, he also noticed one of Bailey’s tires was worn out so he bought her a tire for about $150.

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