Selma, N.C. — The Selma Emergency Medical Services Unit officially merged Friday to form a new Johnston County Emergency Medical Services Unit in Selma.

When Selma EMS ambulances pulled out of the station on North Webb Street Friday evening, it signaled the end of era of first response dating back more than 40 years.

Former Selma EMS worker Al Gaskill started two years after the unit opened in 1972.

“We were just a step of a load ’em and haul ’em situation, where today they have the paramedic service that is the most beneficial to the public,” Gaskill said.

On its final Friday night, many former employees and volunteers came out to celebrate the unit.

“This is my family. They have been for seven year,” said Jordyn Benson, former Selma EMS responder.

‘”This used to be the place we come when we were having hard times at home, and we just kind of needed to get away, we could just stay up here,.”

The merger with Selma EMS is part of a long-term vision for Johnston County EMS and its countywide service.

“The people in Selma, when they call 911, they don’t have to worry for one minute that someone is going to show up and provide them excellent care just like it’s happened here for years,” said Josh Holloman, Johnston County EMS.

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