New York, NY – 2 Chainz has revealed that he’s planning for his next project to feature an assist from A Tribe Called Quest legend Q-Tip. Speaking to Hot 97, 2 Chainz revealed that he called over to Q-Tip’s house in an attempt to talk him into helping out.

“I went over to Q-Tip and let him hear the Statik records ’cause I want him to be more of like a curator of my next project. I just respect what he has done. I told him, imagine a trappin’-ass Midnight Marauders,” referring to Tribe’s 1993 classic. “It’s hard to meet someone who is respected by the young heads and the old heads.”

2 Chainz dropped (the impressive) Pretty Girls Like Trap Music just last month, but by the sounds of it he was eager for Q-Tip to get to work right away.

“He was over there chopping and I’m like, ‘Listen, load up a beat, bruh! … It gon’ take you longer to do whatever you doin’ than it take me to do [my thing]…’ He was like, ‘I’m used to working with people that have…’ — and I understand that. But it don’t take all day to

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