The Internet – The term “SoundCloud rapper” may soon become a thing of the past.

SoundCloud reportedly only has enough funds to make it 50 more days and will barely making it through the summer. The Berlin-based streaming platform laid off over 400 employees in an attempt to compete with other platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music last week. The company also shut down its offices in San Francisco and London.

It looks like the demise of the SoundCloud rapper is near, however if Chance the Rapper has anything to do with it that won’t be happening. When news hit detailing SoundCloud’s financial status, the Grammy Award-winning rapper tweeted that he’s “working” on it. As an independent artist, SoundCloud played an important role in Chano’s come-up much like it has for many other popular artists that have gone on to be successful off the platform including Bryson Tiller, XXXTentacion and Playboi Carti so it would only make sense for Chance to at least try.

I’m working on the SoundCloud thing

— Lil Chano From 79th (@chancetherapper) July 13, 2017

A statement published by Variety from SoundCloud correcting a TechCrunch article that originally reported they

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