Cary, N.C. — Thousands of people in Cary voted Sunday on an issue that’s tearing apart their home country.

A symbolic vote Sunday in Venezuela allowed residents to protest the current president’s plans to rewrite the constitution and immigrants who have resettled in the Triangle voiced their opinions as well.

On July 30, an election will be held in Venezuela, but those who oppose President Nicolas Maduro, his socialist party and his desire to change the current constitution believe it will be rigged.

“He’s removing every single right. We don’t have civil rights, we don’t have human rights, we don’t have anything. We don’t have food, we don’t have medicine,” said organizer Maru Quintero.

Thousands turn out for symbolic Venezuelan vote in Cary

People waited in line for several hours in the heat and rain to participate in the international mock vote, which asked participants if they reject the constitutional assembly, if want armed forces to back congress and if they support the formation of a government comprised of both Maduro backers and opponents.

“It’s a crisis economic, social going on in our country and this is the way we are telling the world,” said voter Ana Mirabal.

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