Raleigh, N.C. — Raleigh’s Fire Marshal asked the city to change the addresses of condominiums in a North Raleigh neighborhood, saying they were having trouble locating the addresses in emergencies. Those changes, however, are now causing big problems for the homeowners.

For 40 years, residents lived on Newton Road, but there was a second Newton Road running off of it, so the name of the second road was changed to Sandy Creek Drive.

Raleigh’s Fire Marshall said for years first responders have been driving by the Sandy Creek Condominiums, not realizing they were on Newton Road.

As of July 1, the neighborhood is now officially on Sandy Creek Drive, but computer systems across the city have not caught up with the change.

Shae Kramer

“I have tried to update my address with the bank. The address doesn’t exist,” said Shae Kramer. “I have a home warrantee, the address doesn’t exist, registering my daughter for school, bring a current utility bill, doesn’t exist.”

The numerical addresses involved in the confusion also changed from three digits to four.

“I’ve seen UPS and FedEx driving around in circles,” said Bill Hanley. “We weren’t happy because we kind of got used to the old address.

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