The Bronx, New York City – The Universal Hip Hop Museum is setting up shop in The Bronx, the New York City Economic Development Corporation announced Friday (September 22).

The museum will use technology to create a multi-generational experience featuring music, artifacts, video and photography, research areas, and a performance stage, Executive Director Rocky Bucano says, according to DNAinfo.

“[The museum will be a long-awaited] home for the world’s most popular art form, hip-hop culture … bringing hip-hop back to the Bronx where it originated from,” Bucano said. “It’s gonna be a complete history of hip-hop.”

The museum has a long list of Hip Hop stars sitting on its Board of Trustees. Kurtis Blow serves as the museum’s Chairman of the Board, Ice-T sits on its Founding Board of Directors, and DMC is an Advisory Board Member. In addition, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, LL Cool J and Q-Tip, among others, serve as Cultural Ambassadors, while dozens of Hip Hop artists serve as Honorary Advisory Board Members.

“The Universal Hip Hop Museum may be the single most important project for the preservation of Hip Hop culture,” Kurtis Blow said in statement. “This new cultural institution will

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