Patrick Obley Staff writer @fo_pmo

PEMBROKE — The human cheat code known as Zamir White rolled up six touchdowns and 244 yards on 11 carries in Scotland’s 57-20 romp at Purnell Swett on Friday night.

Quarterback Warren Bell mustered 111 yards on just six carries, including a 56-yard touchdown run.

It’s at this point when Scotland coach Richard Bailey is forced to shrug his shoulders and admit a solemn truth going forward: He’s going to have to use the two of them even more.

Syheam McQueen came out early with a shoulder injury. He was taken to the hospital to determine if the injury is a separation or a broken collarbone. Either way, he will be out of action for most or all of the regular season.

“I think the shoulder separation would be better news, three or four weeks,” Bailey said. “A broken collarbone is more of a six- to eight-week thing. We’ll just pray it isn’t too bad. He never lays on the ground. When he’s hurt, he’s hurt.”

When McQueen — known to his teammates as “Smiley” — went down late in the first quarter, White activated. He had been spending the early portion of the game largely as a decoy or split outside.

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