It turns out Eminem’s album isn’t actually finished as originally believed. Mr. Porter, Em’s longtime collaborator who spilled the beans last week, has recanted his statement about the LP being done. Porter claims he was just trolling fans during a livestream.

“Anytime they come in there, they can expect to get trolled with any kind of question like that,” he told Complex. “I’m never the person to give up that kind of information. I might say, ‘Hey, we’re working on it’ or ‘Hey, we’re close.’ But I’m never going to be the guy that gives up the information. But they can get trolled.”

It’s possible that Porter genuinely let the news slip and is simply trying to cover for the mistake. It’s just as plausible that he was simply messing with fans and didn’t anticipate the reach of his fake revelation.

Eminem’s ninth studio album is expected to arrive sometime this fall.

(This article has been updated. The previous version, which was last published on October 3, 2017, can be found below.)

It appears that Eminem’s return is imminent. Just a few months after reports emerged about Slim Shady’s ninth studio album dropping in the fall, the rap

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