Smithfield, N.C. — Family and friends held memorials across the state to remember the the people who died in Hurricane Matthew one year ago.

The storm claimed the lives of 28 people in North Carolina.

Family honored the life of 19-year-old Diamond Bennett by gathering at a local community center in Smithfield to share words of encouragement. Bennett drowned after being swept away by swift water while driving in her car.

“A part of her lives in all of us,” Linda Bennett Baker, her grandmother said.

“We all loved her in our own way. She lives on, and we try to keep her alive by doing stuff, and you know we get together and talk about her like she’s still there.”

They also honored first responders who attempted to rescue people during the storm.

The family says now during hurricane season, a storm is not just a storm, it brings on a different kind of anxiety.

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