Smithfield, N.C. — Recovering from the flooding devastation of Matthew takes time, determination, and money, state officials say and each one poses different challenges.

State Emergency Management Director Mike Sprayberry explains those moving parts.

State lawmakers approved $301 million in disaster relief for everything from clean-up to infrastructure repairs to housing help. Add in federal money and donations, the state has taken in about 1 and a half billion dollars in disaster assistance.

“There’s about $391 million in public assistance,” Sprayberry said. “There’s hazard mitigation. The estimate for that is about $114 million.”

He said there’s a lot of different costs and needs, which includes $102 million in SBA loans to small businesses.

“There’s a lot of moving parts here,” he said.

Sprayberry said it sounds like a lot of money, but with so much damage and so many residents affected, the funds only go so far.
Gov. Roy Cooper complained in May that the state was receiving just a fraction of what it needed in aid.

Hurricane Matthew

“I am deeply disappointed that Washington isn’t making North Carolina’s urgent need a top priority,” he said.

Five months later, Cooper said things have improved but not enough.

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