Playing for Duke isn’t just showing up every day. It’s a mindset that is captured in everything we do. It’s personified in the way we play the game. This series will show you, rather than tell you, what it means to be part of this program. At the end of each video, you should walk away with one prominent thought: That’s Duke Basketball.

On the night of February, 19, 2015, No. 4 Duke was looking for a win against No. 15 North Carolina.

Back and forth they went, trading big leads, shots and chances to win both in regulation and overtime.

Ultimately, the Blue Devils found a way to send their fierce neighborhood rivals home empty again.

But it would not have been possible without the help of solid defense in the final minute of regulation. As a Carolina shot went up and came down, a scrum ensued that was initiated by the Blue Devils’ layout efforts to try to reclaim possession.

As a result, time expired, sending the game to overtime where the Blue Devils would eventually pull out the victory.


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