By Amanda Lamb

Surgeries with the Duke medical team continue in Uganda today, but the focus now for the first patients is aftercare. The doctors learned in the past that when they left at the end of the week, if the patients did not get good aftercare, their prognosis did not fare well. To this end, they created a 4-bed intensive care unit. It is staffed 24 hours by the American medical team.

Today, we were able to visit with several patients who underwent surgery yesterday. For the patients who had brain tumors removed, the progress is slow, but they are getting excellent, intensive medical attention, unlike anything that has existed in this hospital prior.

Brian, who is 7-years-old and had spinal surgery yesterday is awake and his parents are with him. While he’s not too happy to be lying in hospital bed, his parents are thrilled that the surgery seems to have been a success, and they are hopeful that he will have a great future as a result.

My takeaway so far in this entire experience is that we don’t realize how lucky we are to have the top-notch medical care that we have in our country, and specifically, in the Triangle.

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