(Photo credit: @ZRXfitness instagram)

Many of us on social media are fooled into thinking how a person can look because of filters, camera angles and photoshop. So when we receive suggestions on who to feature, we take a close look at their pictures to ensure they are who we say they are. We say all that to say, we received the picture above from a good number of women recommending that this man above be featured on #ManCrushMondays. Since his transformation was so remarkable, we took our time to research and found that the man in the picture, Zac Willis, is the real deal and we had to honor him with a feature.

A Virginia native, but having grown up in Dallas, Zac has an interesting story of weight loss. As a marketing major, after college graduation he began to make money–more than he ever had before. And with that came more eating. So, as he says, it wasn’t just a meal anymore: it was dessert, it was more drinks, it was appetizers. It all added up until he say, it got out of control.

In 2013, Zac at 5-feet-8-inches tall weighed in at about 245 pounds.

“I was huge,” said Zac.

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