Chicago, IL – Don’t be alarmed if you don’t recognize the name Kidz In The Hall (speaking in Hip Hop terms — not the Canadian sketch comedy TV show). There has been nothing short of a million rappers to release music online since the duo consisting of Naledge and Double-O released their last full-length album back in 2011. Not to mention a fourth of that million likely came from Chicago.

To quickly backtrack, the pair aligned their art within the realms of new-age b-boyism, dropping their well-received debut album, School Was My Hustle, before hopping on board over at Duck Down Records to release The In Crowd (2008), Land of Make Believe (2010) and Occasion (2011). A 2013 EP called Wishful Drinking is also rooted in their discography.

Since then, Naledge has been seeking that higher learning at Northwestern’s doctoral program and Double-O has been everywhere you can find Lupe Fiasco — as his official tour DJ.

To coronate their official return to rap, the visual for the single “Dear Eastside” has been rolled out by FakeShoreDrive, which precedes the rollout for the new album, Free Nights & Weekends.

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