Raleigh, N.C. — Sexual harassment in the workplace has been an issue for many years and is still a taboo topic.

The recent Hollywood allegations are just a microcosm of what experts say happens every day – unwelcome sexual advances, inappropriate touching and lewd comments by coworkers or bosses.Mikaya ThurmondMikaya Thurmond: #MeToo

One local woman said she experienced years of sexual harassment while working in the restaurant business.

“I’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace, multiple times,” Jackie Wade said. “It’s not a surprise for me. Most women that I know would say that they have been.”

She believes – based on her decades in the food industry – that female restaurant employees are especially vulnerable.

Wade says she’s seen harassment come from customers.

“It’s almost common, and you just deal with it. And it just kind of comes with the job,” she said.

But Wade said her worst encounter came from a former boss, who she accuses of making obscene gestures and sexual comments about her looks.

“He made me feel less of a person,” she said. “Whether it was my age that he harped on, or whether he picked up a zucchini or a pepper and would place it to his crotch and make jokes .

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