(Photo credit: AP/C. Burundi/Angela Bassett Instagram)

Over the past 30 years, beautiful actress Angela Bassett has played an impressive line of real-life characters from Rosa Parks to Tina Turner and Betty Shabazz has a newrole as an L.A. street cop named Athena Grant in “9-1-1,” a new series about first responders that premiered to rave reviews last Wednesday on Fox.

The show draws together three branches of first responders: the Police Department, the Fire Department, and the 9-1-1 emergency team.

While Bassett says she was attracted to the part because of the character’s story, as well as the police work, it’s definitely not a role she takes lightly. Just the amount physical stuff she has to do on set is different for the beautiful 59-year-old actress. But it’s one she faces head on.

(Photo credit: Angela Bassett Twitter)

“I love doing action,” says Bassett to the Detroit News. “Since I’m not 21, there’s some, ‘Let me get to the gym so I can do it.’ But I love to defy expectations.

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