On a recent episode of The Talk, new co-host Eve recalled the first time she met her then-idol Lil’ Kim when she was just getting into the music business.

In a video clip of the discussion, Eve remembers feeling as though her first impression annoyed the iconic rapper, saying, “When I first started in the business, I’d been a big, big giant fan of Lil Kim. And I just thought there was this sisterhood in the music business.”

“So I would run up to her and be like, ‘Oh my God Kim. Oh my God. Hey girl. I love you so much. I just got signed. Can you please be on my album?’

She continues, “She’d just look at me like, ‘Uh huh’….. I kept going up to her and finally I was like, ‘OK, I should stop. I should stop going up to her.’

Afterwards, Eve mentions that she and Kim sat across from one another years later at a dinner and became good friends, adding, “I love Kim so much now to this day. And she loves me back, yes.”

However, Lil’ Kim tweeted Thursday that she doesn’t remember her first encounters with Eve “that way at all.

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