Beyoncé‘s childhood vocal coach, David Lee Brewer, has written a tell-all book — titled Beyoncé: Raising Genius: A Teacher and his Prodigy — which details a number of bombshell claims about the superstar and her parents, Mathew Knowles and Tina Knowles-Lawson.

According to EurWeb, Brewer alleges that he saw drug use and infidelity on both Mathew and Tina’s part, writing in an excerpt that Tina once pointed out that “Mathew’s drug use had gotten out of hand.”

Another excerpt reads, “Turns out, he had escalated to stronger drugs and even stranger behaviors. Rumor had it that cocaine had long since stopped satisfying his thirst, and he had turned to crack cocaine.”

Other allegations include that Mathew was “into all kinds of kinky things” and that Tina herself was cheating on Mathew at the time with her current husband, Richard Lawson, who she introduced to Brewer as her cousin.

Brewer also claims in his book that Beyoncé, as a child, “knew there was tension” between her parents and says that in one incident, Mathew used her as “a shield against his wife’s wrath.”

“Beyoncé longed for a peaceful resolution, and I just wanted them either to finish each other off, or divorce already.

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