Shad Moss, also known to fans as rapper Bow Wow, could be adding “late-night talk show host” to his resume.

According to EurWeb, the star announced his latest career step via a now-deleted Instagram message, writing, “First time people saw me was on Arsenio Hall show.”

“So its only right i go back to where it started. first let me thank him by paving the way because i wouldn’t have did what I’m about to do.”

Comedian Arsenio Hall became the first black late-night talk show host in 1989 with The Arsenio Hall Show.

Moss continues, “I been quietly working on a project that i felt was needed. When i hosted 106 [and Park] i knew then I could do whatever (talent wise) but i did not own 106 i had little control and i gots to be the man because im a creator… But i learned so much to the point i will have my own late night show coming.”

In his message, Bow Wow adds that he will have creative license to run his own show content and that music will be a key component to the program, with potential guests like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Michelle Obama and his dream guest for the debut episode to be “NONE OTHER THAN LAKER LEGEND KOBE BRYANT!”

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