Grace Plus Nothing Radio Ministries Incorporated is an out of the box ministry, which God has called to the forefront in a time where people are yearning for the sincere word of God. The purpose of this ministry is to tear down the walls of man made religion and tradition that has kept the believer in bondage, and to bring the believer into the light of the true and living God. We believe God has a purpose for everyone, our goal is to instill into people that no matter what walk of life you come from or what you are currently dealing with, God loves you and the purpose He has for you has not changed!

January 4, 2002, Grace Plus Nothing Ministries, Inc aired its first broadcast. After just two months of being on the radio, it shook the organized church and captured the minds of those who had been imprisoned by religion and tradition. The owner of the station asked that Grace Plus Nothing be removed from their lineup, because of the repercussions they were getting from other ministers who was on the station at the time. That same week, Grace Plus Nothing Ministries had another willingly station accepting them into the fold with open arms.

AIRTIME: SUNDAY 8:00 am (Sunday Gospel Caravan)


About Apostle Anthony Monds

Apostle Monds’ passion is to lead those who have been hurt by the organized church, via religion and or the traditions of men; to free and empower them to do what God has created them to do. This mandate is one where one has to have the resiliency and the intestinal fortitude to persevere the onslaught of attacks of the enemy. Apostle Monds upbringing as well as his time in the United States Marine Corps, has equipped him for the task. Apostle Monds is a veteran of foreign war, so he is familiar with strategic tactics, as well as guerrilla warfare. So when the adversary launches similar attacks in the spirit realm, it’s a clear indication he is close to exposing the enemies camp.