By Sloane Heffernan, WRAL reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — Nearly a year ago, fire scorched blocks of downtown Raleigh.

Downtown Raleigh fire scene

A five-alarm fire engulfed an apartment building under construction in downtown Raleigh near the Glenwood South restaurant and bar district on March 16.

The fire spread to nine nearby buildings and forced evacuations.

Raleigh fire

The apartment complex under construction burned, damaging two more buildings to the point that residents moved out, including residents of the Link Apartments.

A firefighter cut by glass is the only known injury from the fire, believed to be Raleigh’s largest in almost 100 years. But the destruction was immense.

Photos: Residents survey damage at Quorum Center

The massive fire damaged nearly a quarter of the apartments at Link. Some units were scorched, other had smoke or water damage.

Chad Taylor was living at the Link at the time – he said he rushed outside when he heard screaming.

“It was so scary,” he said. “The first explosion actually happened when I came outside.”

Taylor watched as massive flames consumed the apartment building under construction across the street from the Link. Firefighters struggled to get it under control.

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