By Amanda Lamb, WRAL reporter

Raleigh, N.C. — A defense attorney faces a criminal charge himself after being accused of stealing a wallet containing $1,600 from the security line at the entrance to the Wake County courthouse on Monday.

Steven Patrick MacGilvray, 29, of 820 Hansworth Lane in Raleigh, was charged with felony larceny in the incident, which was caught on security video.

The video shows Robert Jeffreys passing through security and picking up his wallet from a container on the conveyor belt. He puts the wallet in his pocket, but it falls onto the ground as he turns.

Seconds later, MacGilvray clears security and sees the wallet on the ground. He bends down, looks at it, picks it up and then looks back before walking away with it.

He is then seen on another security camera near the elevators opening the wallet, looking at it and putting it in his pants pocket.

About five minutes later, MacGilvray went to the security checkpoint on the first floor of the building and returned the wallet. Authorities said he told them he found it in an upstairs bathroom.

“Somebody turned in a wallet, then the owner of the wallet contacted us (and) told us the money in the wallet was missing,” said Tim Mullally, courthouse security coordinator.

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