New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is only worried about checking into a hotel when he touches down in other states. The hip-hop rookie has put out a public service announcement about not feeling a need to get his street credentials stamped when he ventures outside of his stomping grounds.

Tek went to social media this week and downplayed the need to get a gangsta pass in order to travel throughout the world.

“I’m gonna say this right now before the media cover starts covering their own story. There’s gangstas all over this world. East Coast. West Coast. Down South. Up North. All over the world, there’s gangstas. I don’t check into nobody. I respect everybody’s soil that I walk on but I do not check in anywhere I go. It’s gonna stay like that. Stop trying to tell n*ggas n*ggas gotta check in. It’s 2018. N*ggas mention my name for clout. It’s never even about gangsta and respecting n*ggas words and g-codes. It’s now, ‘I want clout. I want to make a name for myself.’ Everybody who mentions my name is a f*cking rapper. Y’all not f*cking gangstas. Y’all rappers and y’all wanna make names for y’all selves. It’s not gonna happen.

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