If you’ve forgotten Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and need to pick up a last-minute gift, consider one of these options:


Lidl’s has rose bouquets stared at $9.99.

Valentine’s Day-themed bouquets will be sold through February 15.

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Lidl’s said flowers are delivered fresh daily, so the store should have enough to meet demand.

Gift cards

Gifts cards are a good way to customize a gift without purchasing an exact item.

The best part of gift cards? It’s always in stock.

Consider a gift card to a favorite mani/pedi place, salon, or spa.

Or, perhaps you’re loved ones been keeping their eye on something at the local hardware store, but you aren’t sure of an exact model, a gift card is perfect!


Consider buying an experience to share.

There are still tickets left for the upcoming performance of Phantom of the Opera at the DPAC.

A night under the stars

TheNigtSky.com is a way to remember a date/location in accordance to the stars.

The website allows you to plug in a date (perhaps your wedding anniversary or where you first met) along with a location.

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