By Jessica Patrick, editor

Cary, N.C. — Nestled in a corner of an ordinary-looking shopping center, Milk Lab blends in with the businesses surrounding it, but something original and creative is unfolding inside.

Milk Lab serves hand-rolled ice cream and organic milk tea beverages for a different kind of dessert experience. The chalkboard menu features more than a dozen homemade ice cream flavors and a large list of hot and cold tea beverages, including bubble or boba teas (made with chewy tapioca balls), green and strawberry Jasmine teas, classic black teas and oolong teas.

Milk Lab

Co-owners Bin Chen and Sandy Lam met at N.C. State. Ben is a full-time systems engineer, and Sandy works in fashion, but the pair quickly decided to take their creativity even further.

“Rolled ice cream comes from Thailand, so that’s where the idea is from, but as for opening the store, I have always had a passion for ice cream.” Chen said. “And Sandy loves tea.”

“Bubble tea is really popular in Asia,” Lam said. “You can find bubble tea in this area, but it’s usually made with a powder base. We wanted to make a high-quality milk tea with real ingredients and organic milk.

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