When it’s time to move Mom – lifting the veil on your options

Making the decision to move Mom from the home she lived in for many years into a long-term care community can be one of the most gut-wrenching decisions a caregiver will ever face. There is so much guilt associated with making such a huge change. There are promises once made to loved ones that are broken, there are difficult waters to navigate with differing opinions of siblings, and there is the daunting and overwhelming task of choosing a place that is the very best match for your family member. Usually, when the decision to move Mom is made, you as the caregiver are at your wit’s end. You are either so very tired from trying to coordinate and manage all your Mom’s – or any loved one’s – needs at home for so long, or your loved one experiences a sudden health crisis that has pushed you into a decision you likely have never contemplated.

There are many options for your loved one, particularly in this geographical area. Some would say this is a blessing, others would say this is a curse because so many options may leave you feeling paralyzed.

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