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This demonstration page will update every 10 seconds to automatically update the content.
Adjust the Meta 'Refresh' tag to a suitable setting for your station.
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An album cover image file name is generated using the Artist name and album name and can be used to dynamically display the image each time an audio file is played.

  • Artist:
  • Title:
  • Length:
  • Album:
  • Copyright:
  • Comments:
  • Composer:
  • Year:
  • Genre:
  • Publisher:
  • URL:
  • Album Art File Name:
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All the individual elements that make up the Weather are available with their own tags. Simian will even work out if it has retrieved the weather or not:

Weather Availability=

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The individual entries for both the 'Recently Played' and 'Coming Up' lists are also available.
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