The Weekend Shutdown
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Bigg Snowdogg (aka Mr. Robeson County), also known as "The 6th Man Champ" of WCCG 104.5 FM is the cornerstone of radio. Bigg Snowdogg has been with WCCG for 21 years holding your airwaves and your weekends down with his signature Saturday Night Different Radio & The Sunday Night Shutdown bringing you all the vibes and the feels from the past eras to the current. Biggsnow Dogg is considered to be the "Mayor of Robeson County", as he not only impacts the radio airwaves but also stands and impacts his surrounding community. From hosting community events to promoting events to hosting parties there's nothing under the sun Snowdogg can't do. He is also the Mixshow coordinator here at WCCG. His famous lines are "I'm Just A Country Boy."

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