The Friday Night Shockwave is excited to announce the Shockwave Artist/ Producer Showcase. This event is specifically for rappers and producers in Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and Dance to showcase their talents on Radio. Submissions are now open and coming to a venue near you! The Shockwave Producer Showcase is the premier music producer/ artist specific event, spotlighting aspiring hit-makers in front of a panel of prominent music industry tastemakers. WCCG 104.5 FM Shockwave Producer/ Artist Showcase will occur once a month in Fayetteville, NC. Those selected will be judged by The Program Director, Kalim Hasan, and notable WCCG 104.5 invited panelists!

PRODUCERS – If you make tracks (or beats), then this is an opportunity for you. Shockwave Showcase attendees, who submit tracks, will be selected to perform tracks at the showcase. Those selected and all of the other Shockwave attendees in the audience will receive valuable constructive criticism and build relationships with contacts that can assist them in getting ahead in their careers.

RAPPERS – We understand the producer and rapper go hand in hand in Hip-Hop, so the Shockwave Artist/ Producer Showcase will feature a rap performances during the show!

Stay tuned for dates, times, and locations.

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